ACE Companions

ACE Companions is designed for canine caregivers, including animal welfare volunteers, and guardians (owners) who would like to learn the benefits of Free Work, basic observations, and quiet handling to help the animals in their care.

ACE Companions does not form part of the ACE Certification but credits from some (but not all) of the ACE Companions workshops can be awarded if you do decide to join the ACE Training Club at a later date.

You can attend a combination of one, two, or three day workshops taught by ACE Advanced Tutors or ACE Instructors at a pace to suit you and your companion. One of the required number of days can be as a spectator on a one day workshop, with the remaining five days as a handler.

The cost of each workshop will vary slightly depending on the course provider.

Upon completion of six days you will receive a certificate of achievement and a rosette for your canine companion.


Six days in total at a pace to suit you