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ACE Credits

Every ACE course is an opportunity to gain ACE credits. The number of ACE credits available for each event varies depending on the type of event, the course teacher, and the length of each course. The aim of the ACE credit system is to enable you to start working towards your ACE certification from the moment you attend any ACE event.

There isn’t any given time frame in which you need to obtain the necessary amount of credits. You can study at a pace to suit you.

ACE Advanced Tutors, ACE Associate Instructors and ACE Instructors work independently. As ACE is all about collaboration and supporting others, you can gain ACE credits by attending their approved ACE courses. The maximum number of credits you can gain by attending any combination of independent ACE courses is 74 credits. An independent ACE course is an approved course that is organised, and taught, by a member of the ACE teaching team.

If you wish to work towards certification as an ACE trainer you will also need to gain a certain amount of ACE Credits from attending courses taught by Sarah Fisher, or Sarah Fisher's ACE courses that are taught by nominated ACE Instructors if you are studying outside the UK.

ACE Advanced Tutor 16 per day Maximum 64 credits
ACE Associate Instructor 18 per day Maximum 74 credits
ACE Instructor

Approved ACE course
20 per day Maximum 74 credits
ACE Instructor

Organised by, and booked through,     
Animal Centred Education Ltd.
20 per day No Limit


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