Lucie Leclerc

Lucie studied for two years in Equine technology, worked for a while helping in the training of trail and reining horses and then as a groom and rider in private riding stables.

Lucie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and worked for three summer terms in a lab as part of research teams. She has had her name included on three research publications.

Lucie is a TTouch Instructor for Companion animals and a Practitioner 3 for horses, and an ACE Instructor. In Quebec, she has given multiple conferences and demos on TTouch at Equine and Dog Forums and Expos in French and English.

Having been self-employed for over 30 years in providing personalized services to individuals and families, Lucie has gained extensive experience, sensitivity and heart in the way she interacts with clients. She has a lifelong passion for asking questions and connecting the dots between different disciplines, philosophies, life, anatomy, health, movement and behaviour. Giving animals as well as humans the feeling of being successful is always the greatest priority for her no matter how small or slow the progress is.

Lucie now lives on an equestrian hobby farm in the beautiful region of Eastern Townships in Quebec with her life partner, horses, dogs, cats, cows and a variety of wildlife.