Becky Howe

Becky has been working with dogs since 2008, starting work in a local kennel while studying. In 2011, after completing an Animal Management degree, Becky began to work with dogs on a full time basis. She has worked with a wide range of breeds and ages including working with rescues and show dogs. She runs a range of classes and supports dogs and their guardians on a 1-1 basis. She has always had a calm approach, with the dogs needs coming first and allowing them choice. 

Becky lives with a Labrador called Blaze who was diagnosed with a spinal condition at a young age. While caring for Blaze, Becky became passionate about identifying pain in our canine companions and finding new ways to support them. Becky first attended an ACE workshop in 2019 and since then has been using the techniques on a daily basis to support dogs in their education and daily life. Becky regularly attends ACE workshops to advance her knowledge and skills to be able to support dogs in the best possible way. 

Becky is a Puppy School Tutor, ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor and also a provisional member of the APBC. She also teaches Dog Parkour and Scent Work. Becky is based in Wellington, Somerset and works with dogs and their guardians in the surrounding areas.